Meet strangers with Videochat – Videochat US

ChatrouletteEver thought how much time you spend chatting with a stranger. In today’s world where you are equipped with modern communication systems and transit options, you may not even think of chatting with the strangers. This lets you with no options to learn a new culture, know a new lifestyle and perhaps a new language. How about having this option when you are in the office or at home? Chat directly with strangers from your office desk.
Sounds awkward, but it’s true. Chatroulette has made it possible for you. Chatroulette is similar to any other webcam chat with the exception that here, the user does not need to register themselves. They can be completely anonymous and chat with the strangers. There are multiple websites which offer this service free of cost. Videochat US is one such chatroulette sites which offer this service specifically for US online customers.

Features and easy accessibility

Using Videochat US is relatively simple. The user is required to have webcam plugged in to the computer and start chatting after downloading Adobe Flashplayer. The Flashplayer is available for free download from Adobe website. The interface of the website is relatively simple. To start the chat, login to the website and click on the “start” option. The roulette principle of Videochat US selects the chat partner randomly from those who are already logged in. Neither the person who has logged in will need to create an account, nor will he be allowed to see anyone’s name from the chat list. The person with whom you are chatting can be anybody – your neighbor or from a different state in US. The users may be able to also maximize the window where he can see the chat partner (currently under development). Text messages can be sent in a separate field within the chat window. To stop the chat, the user is required to click on the “stop” option.

Controversies surrounding chatroulette websites

Since its inception in November 2009, chatroulette websites have been in the middle of controversies for spreading vulgarity and porn. Online users are found to display objectionable material on webcams. Since the identity of the users remains completely anonymous, they have been found to indulge in vulgar activities. The fastest growth of Chatroulette users is mainly been attributed to this shortcoming.

Security measures in Videochat US

Understanding these drawbacks of chatroulette websites, Videochat US has laid out certain rules and if anyone is found to be violating the rules, then that user will be blocked from chatting in the website. Users are requested to make their face visible throughout their chat. The image detection is being planned to be introduced which will recognize the inappropriate material and flag accordingly. The image detection program automatically flag users broadcasting sexual content.
Chatroulette was started with a genuine concept of creating a common platform for people to know each other’s culture, religion and discuss on topics of common interests.