Omegle - Talk to strangers!

Omegle was the first chatroulette site. It was something quite innovative when started. Having introduced in 2009 it gained popularity with time. It follows the chatroulette principles i.e. one-on-one chat with strangers. Omegle is a place where you can make new friends from around the globe. Initially the means of interaction was text chat and remained the same for quite long unless other webcam chat sites were introduced. As these sites gained popularity Omegle introduced webcam chat for its users. But its main strength remains text chat.

How to get started?

It’s a free site where you get a chat roulette experience. There is no registration needed to get started. In order to start chatting you simply click the “Start a chat” button and you are connected to the server where any stranger can ping you and you can start chatting. Any time you feel bored or want to chat with someone else you can do so by clicking the “new” button. To stop the chat any moment, you can click the “stop” button.


The search for a stranger to chat with can be customized according to your interests. This helps you find someone having similar interest like you instead of someone completely random and this might help you have all the more fun here. In order to add your interests you can either type them on the Omegle page or this is made easier by providing the option of connecting to the Facebook interests and likes. After adding interests the search for a new stranger is filtered according to your likes.

What’s in store?

It’s a platform for you where you can enjoy and make your life fun filled by chatting with interesting new people. These chats can sometime be informative and you can even get your work related problems solved here.
There are some rules of communication in Omegle such as you should be eighteen and above 18 years of age to use it alone or if between thirteen and eighteen then you should use it under the guidance of your parents or some guardian, if below thirteen then its use should be restricted, you should never record the text, audio or video with anyone else, never start chat without clothes. All these rules provide you with a safe and healthy experience chatting on Omegle and compliance with the above rules gives you a wonderful experience of uninterrupted service. Another safety measure which is implemented here is that your names are kept anonymous until you share your personal info here.
The content here is not strictly monitored and you should chat here at your own risk. Prior to 2013 there was no profanity filter on this website. Sometimes if you end up offended then you should report it online. You are your own master and the best person to decide your likes and dislikes is you and no one else. So if you are all set to face the random strangers from around the globe then Omegle is the place to be at. The site provides a mobile app but there is no video chat functionality here like the desktop site. Omegle also has a video chat which is not monitored for sexual content!