One stop destinations to make new friends – chatroulette

VideochatDE is a place where you can make new friends and interact with them over webcam, microphone and text chat. It is the most popular site in Deutschland and continues to hold its position over the years, providing the best service to its users.

How to get started?

It’s a free site where you get a chatroulette experience. There is no registration needed to get started. Once the URL is loaded in the browser the page asks for user permission to use the webcam and the microphone. You simply need to allow the page to use these means of communication to give you an out of the box experience. In case you want to avoid or deny the webcam and microphone request each time you load the page then VideochatDE provides you with simple options on the page where you can personalize the adobe flash player settings according to your needs and moods! You just need to click on remember option once you have made the settings according to you.

Connect with other social networking sites

VideochatDE de has the feature which allows you to connect to famous social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook and twitter. You can sign in to these sites if you already have an account there or sign up to open a new account. Search your partner for video chat here.


VideochatDE offers you the most popular type of video chat, based on the roulette principles. It’s a total surprise package as you never know whom will you be connected to once you click the “start” button. It allows you to chat either with your webcam and microphone or text chat as the way you like it. It’s a platform where you get to chat with random interesting people. At any time you want to stop video chat then it is just a click away, all you need to do is click on the “stop” button. It has all customizing options of video and audio settings. Also there are options to give preferences for you companion and filter on the basis of age, gender, country and many other such factors. You can upload your pictures.

Interesting occasions and surprising reactions

It’s a platform for you where you can enjoy and make your life fun filled by chatting with interesting new people. Most of the times the chats are total fun and you might even get to see some famous person on video. These chats can some time be informative and you can even get your work related problems solved here. There are some rules of communication in VideochatDE such as you should be eighteen and above years of age, you should never record the text, audio or video with anyone else, never start chat without clothes. All these rules provide you with a safe and healthy experience chatting on VideochatDE and compliance with the above rules gives you a wonderful experience of uninterrupted service.
So spend time here and experience the video chat with a stranger and enter into a joyous mood or search your companion according to your mood today!