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ChatrouletteEver since online chat was introduced, it has become one of the favorite pastimes for many people around the globe. Yahoo, Microsoft, Google have pioneered the field by providing the best in class chat services free of cost to its subscribers. However, last decade has seen new players originating to provide chat related services to the online users. These players provide both web based chat as well as through a messenger service which can easily be downloaded from the client’s websites.
One of the drawbacks which were found during the initial evolution of online chatting is that webcam chat is not supported in many of the client chat systems. Another drawback was that the user is required to get him registered and create an account to initiate chatting. Chatroulette is the new concept which was introduced by Andrey Ternovsky when he was a high school student in Russia. Using this website, a person can do video chat with anyone in the world.
Chat Alternative is one of the most popular chatroulette alternative websites available for online users looking for webcam chat. Requires no registration, the website is available free of cost. Chat Alternative offers some of the very user friendly features which are liked by people who frequently use chatroulette. Certain feature like maximizing the chat window (which is under development) is unique to this chatroulette website.
All that the user needs to do is to go to the Chat Alternative website and connect their webcam to the computer and start chatting. Before chatting, the user is required to install the latest version of Flash Player in the computer, which is again available for free of cost from the Adobe website.
Using the Chat Alternative website is relatively easy. After adding the plugins as described above, the user is required to click on the start button. To discontinue the chat, click on the stop button. Messages can be typed and displayed on the chat window itself. The software in the website picks up a user randomly from the chat rooms. The person with whom you chat can be anyone; he can be your neighbor or someone who is miles away from you.  Since the users never get themselves registered in the website, their identities are always remaining hidden.

Be 100% safe

Chatroulette websites have always been at a center of controversies as they promote nudity and vulgarity. Understanding this, Chat Alternative has formulated several guidelines which the user is bound to follow. If the user is found to do any kind of sexual activity, his account will get locked for certain duration. The website can be accessed by users who are 18 years and above. An algorithm design is also being done which can do image detection. The user will be flagged for inappropriate content if excessive amount of skin is found on the image.
Chat Alternative is being founded with a genuine idea to help people to interact with strangers and get to understand each other’s culture.